Do you have symptoms of diabetes or not?

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Eating delicious food is really good for the heart. But if you eat too much, it can lead to serious illnesses later on. Especially diabetes, which is a disease that is often caused by improper eating habits, is an important factor.

Diabetes also affects many systems in the body. It’s not just a problem of low or high blood sugar as many people understand. But the disease can become so severe that many people can lose vital organs such as arms, legs, or feet.

Diabetes is a disease caused by abnormalities in the functioning of a hormone called insulin. Normally, our bodies need insulin. To bring sugar in the bloodstream to nourish the various organs of the body, especially the brain and muscles. In a situation where insulin is abnormal Whether it is a decrease in the amount of insulin in the body or the body’s organs responding to insulin decreased (also known as Insulin resistance) will prevent the body from using sugar in the bloodstream to its full potential. This causes a higher amount of sugar remaining in the bloodstream than normal.

The cause of diabetes is when the sugar level in the bloodstream rises to a certain level. Until the kidneys cannot reabsorb all the sugar. Normally, the kidneys have the duty to reabsorb sugar from substances that have been filtered from the kidney unit to use. As a result, sugar leaks out into the urine. This is the origin of the word  “diabetes “. If we allow this condition to occur for a long time without proper treatment, This will eventually cause serious complications.

Basic symptoms of diabetes

Before the patient begins to show clear symptoms These symptoms include:

  • Thirsty more often.
  • urinating more frequently especially urinating at night after falling asleep.
  • Often hungry, eating more.
  • body weight decreased For unknown reasons
  • Tired easily, tired.
  • Blurred vision, unable to see clearly.
  • You have a wound and it heals slowly.
  • Frequently sick, frequently infected
  • Numbness, pain, or unusual knowledge, such as numbness at the end of a meal or in the feet.
  • There are more stretch marks on the neck, armpits, or abdomen.