Tips to reduce dark circles under your arms Dark armpits can be fixed

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Underarm problems aside from hair, there is no escaping the dullness of the skin or the problem of dark armpits. That has made many people lose confidence. This can be cause by many factors. Whether it is cleaning, removing armpit hair in the wrong way, roll-on that is not suitable for the underarm skin, health problems, and problems caused by friction of the skin for a long time from moving the arm area frequently. Today we have a simple secret that can help nourish and accelerate the recovery of underarm skin problems to look firm, reduce dark spots, urgently reduce chicken skin problems, and make the skin more naturally white and radiant.

What are the causes of dark armpits?

Hair removal that harms the skin: Shaving, waxing, or plucking hair is one of the main causes of dark armpit problems. Because this type of hair removal will cause skin irritation. or severe to the point of inflammation Until the skin in the underarm area becomes darker.

Satire: This is usually cause by people who have a problem with their weight being quite large. There is often excess fat accumulate in various parts of the body, causing more friction in the underarm area than normal people. This can cause problems with dark armpits and thicker underarm skin.

Using deodorant products: Did you know that deodorant products, such as roll-ons, armpit whitening creams, Or the deodorant spray that we use every day could be the cause of dark armpits. Because if there are ingredients of perfume, preservatives, or alcohol, it may irritate the underarm skin. As a result, the skin in the armpit area can become darker.

Dead skin cells: in the underarm area, which is a sensitive area. If you don’t clean it well, it will cause bacteria to accumulate and cause an unpleasant odor. There may also be an accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells. Until causing love problems to be solve.

Ways to cure dark armpits

Change the underarm product to a new one: Dark armpit problem It can occur from chemicals in underarm products that we use regularly, whether it’s roll-on or deodorant spray. Because the skin in the armpit area is delicate. Also, some people may be allergic to alcohol. Fragrances contained in these products When used for a while, irritation will occur. until it becomes a problem of dark and damaged skin And dark spots become more and more evident, so ทางเข้า ufabet recommend you should choose underarm products. that is gentle on the skin And if using it causes an allergic reaction, you should stop using it. and change immediately Don’t force me to continue using it. 

Avoid shaving and plucking armpit hair: armpit hair removal It is another cause of dark circles under the arms, especially for girls who use the method of shaving their armpits. Because the blade part will rub against the skin. Do this for a long time until it becomes a black mark. In addition, for people who use the method of plucking armpit hair It may cause chicken skin blisters. Unsmooth skin, ingrown hairs, and dark circles can occur as well. Therefore, for smooth underarms Try changing the traditional method of armpit hair removal to laser. It’s better to reduce the problem of chicken skin bumps and dark circles because this method is consider the most effective way to get rid of armpit hair.

Do not wear tight clothing: The more friction there is, It makes the skin in that area darker. Dryness more easily You can notice it from various tight spots on the body. Such as the armpits and groin, especially for people who like to wear tight clothing. Including people who are obese. When the fabric frequently rubs against the fabric over time, it can cause dark spots in those areas. Therefore, to reduce skin friction. Try changing to clothes that are light and comfortable against the skin.

Scrub the underarm skin: Scrubbing your skin can help shed old skin cells to make them fall off more easily. Resulting in smooth, soft skin Arm circles are more radiant When done regularly We may use ready-made scrubs. Or use an easily available herbal formula like lemon mix with sugar or salt. Then use it to scrub the armpit area for about 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. It is recommend to do it gently to reduce irritation that may occur.